iPhone 5 Repair Preston

At the iPhone Preston Repair Centre, we are renowned for offering a extremely fast, low cost and high quality iPhone 5 repair service. For more than 4 years, our experienced Apple technicians have been repairing Apple gadgets, and offering great support and customer service.

All of the iPhone 5 repairs we complete come with a full six-month guarantee. The fact we use genuine Apple parts means that our repairs last. Customers who live locally have the option to use our walk in service or our door-to-door service, which is FREE. Those UK residents who do not live in the Preston area can still use our repair service. All they need to do is to send us their handset via the post.

Regardless of the fault an iPhone 5 has we can repair it.

Here are some examples of the type of repairs carry out in our Preston workshop:

iPhone 5 Cracked LCD Digitizer Repair

Cracked iPhone 5 Digitizer/LCD

A cracked digitizer or screen is a common problem when it comes to iPhone 5s. Dropping their iPhone is something most people do at some stage. If your digitizer or LCD is cracked or broken, we can fix it without you having to go for weeks without your phone.

Those that live in the Preston area can walk into the Preston iPhone Repair Centre without making an appointment. Our technicians will diagnose the problem immediately and will usually fix it while the owner relaxes in our waiting area. Over 90% of repairs are done on the same day. A screen can be repaired in 2 hours, or less.

We also offer people from the Preston area a pickup, repair and home delivery service. A member of our team can pick up your broken phone from a Preston address and return it at no extra cost. We also offer a fast mail repair service to anyone who does not live in Preston.

All of the repairs we complete are carried out using authentic parts, which means we can confidently offer a full six-month warranty.

iPhone 5 Water and Liquid Damage Repair

Repair of Water Damaged iPhone 5s

Regardless of how careful you are with your gadgets, accidents happen. A lot of people drop their iPhone into water or some other liquid. Naturally, this does a lot of damage, but we can fix most water-damaged iPhone 5s.

If you want to call into the iPhone Repair Centre, you can do so without your having to make an appointment. Our specialists will immediately examine your iPhone, diagnose the problem and repair it.

We have a well-deserved reputation for being fast and providing a reliable and affordable service. The price you are charged at iPhone Repairs Preston is always the best in the area.

When repairing water or liquid damaged iPhone 5 units we always use high quality parts. This allows us to include a 6-month warranty with each repair.

We offer an additional service to those who work or live in Preston. Give us a call and we will come to you and pick up your water-damaged phone, fix it and return it to you at your home or place of work. There is no extra charge for this service.

iPhone 5 Faulty Charging Port Repair

iPhone 5 Charging Port Repair

Most iPhones are well used, so need charging regularly. Unsurprisingly, with such heavy use charging port faults are commonplace.

If you experience a problem with your charging port, and live locally, pop in and we will carry out a repair immediately. Over 90% of the iPhone repairs we do are completed in a day, or less.

We only use genuine, high quality parts when repairing iPhone charging ports. For this reason, we are able to offer all customers a full 6-month guarantee with all repairs.

You do not need to make an appointment just drop into our iPhone Repairs Preston Centre with any damaged iPhone 5. Alternatively, let us pick up your faulty phone from your local address, repair it and deliver it back to you. There is no additional charge for this service. Those who do not live in the area can send us their phones for repair. All repairs are carried out on the day of receipt and sent back immediately.

iPhone 5 Broken or Smashed Back Case Repair

Smashed or Broken iPhone 5 Case Repair

No matter how careful you are, when it comes to Smartphones, accidents happen. If your iPhone 5 back case has been smashed, we can repair or replace it. Because this is such a common problem, we always have the parts available so can carry out this repair immediately.

Our experienced iPhone Repair Centre technicians are waiting to answer all of your questions. They can examine your phone, diagnose the problem and fix it. Most repairs are completed within a day.

If you do not live near Preston, we can still fix your Smartphone. Just mail us your broken iPhone 5. We suggest you do so using recorded delivery. Our team will repair and return your phone to you on the same day. We use first class, insured mail to make sure that you get your phone back quickly.

All iPhone repairs, including case repairs, are guaranteed for six months.

iPhone 5 Faulty Home or Power Button Repair

Faulty iPhone 5 Power or Home Button Repairs

Even well made products like the iPhone 5 wear out with use and have weaknesses. With the iPhone 5, faulty home buttons are a common problem. If your power button is sticking or not functioning, our technicians will fix it and do so quickly.

Our iPhone Repair Centre technicians are well known for providing fast, affordable and good quality iPhone 5 repairs. We have more than 4 years of repair experience and can fix any kind of Apple handset.

Our repair team only uses the best iPhone 5 parts for power or home button repairs. This means that we are able to offer all of our iPhone 5 customers a 6-month guarantee.

We offer walk-in, mail and collection repair services. Our team carries out 90% of repairs in a day or less. We know your iPhone is important, so want you to get your phone back as soon as possible.

iPhone 5 Damaged and Faulty Battery Replacement Service

Faulty or Damaged iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

After a while, most iPhone 5 units stop holding their charge. Eventually they will not hold any charge at all. If you own a Smartphone with a battery issue, we can help. Our experienced technical team can diagnose the issue properly and fix it. We deal with a lot of defective batteries at the Preston iPhone Repair Centre.

All of the iPhone 5 repairs we do at the Preston iPhone Centre are done quickly. We have a well-deserved reputation for providing a reliable and affordable service. Pop in and talk to us and we will diagnose the underlying problem and make the repair immediately. The majority of repairs are done in a day or less.

For people who do not live in the Lancashire area we offer the same fast service, but via the mail. You just send us your faulty phone. On the day your phone arrives, we will carry out the repair send it back straight away. We insure your phone and use the Royal Mail’s first class postal service.

Every repair is covered by a six-month guarantee.

iPhone 5 Colour Conversion Service

Change your iPhone 5 Colour

The classic white or black iPhone 5 looks great, but if you feel like a change use our iPhone colour conversion service. You just need to tell us which colour panels you want and our technicians will fit them for you to transform you iPhone 5 handset into a truly personalised gadget. Pop in to see the range of colours on offer.

Our colour conversion service is designed to be affordable and fast. All of the work we complete comes with a full labour and parts six-month warranty. We use high quality Apple iPhone parts, so our customers rarely have to use their warranty.

You can use us for your phone makeover even if you do not live in Preston. All you have to do is to post us your iPhone along with your choice of colour. Our experienced team will carry out the colour transformation on the day that your phone arrives. That afternoon we will send you your phone back to you using the Royal Mail first class insured delivery service.

iPhone 5 Antenna Repair Service

Antenna Repairs for the iPhone 5

If you are finding it hard to get a reliable signal on your iPhone 5, the problem could be your antenna. At the iPhone Repair Centre in Preston, we see a lot of antenna issues. Our team has the experience to fix Apple mobile antenna issues and do so at a good price.

Our team is well known in the area for providing a fast, low cost and reliable service. We only use proper iPhone parts, so are able to offer a full 6-month guarantee with any repair.

Our service is open to people from other parts of the UK. Each year hundreds of people send us their iPhone 5 through the post. When we receive them, we immediately complete the repair and return the phone to customers using the first class mail service. All packages are sent using the Royal Mail’s insured service, which provides £500 of coverage.

iPhone 5 Expert Fault Diagnosis

Expert iPhone 5 Fault Diagnosis

Even though Apple iPhone 5 mobiles are well made, they do eventually develop faults. Some faults are easy to diagnose and repair others are tricky and require the expertise of an experienced technician. The technicians at the Preston iPhone Repair Centre fix hundreds of iPhones every year. Our team knows how to diagnose and repair all kinds of problems.

Our team offers a fast service, with 90% of customers getting their phone back the same time. Despite the speed of our service, we do not charge premium rates.

People who live in and around Preston can take advantage of our FREE collection and to the door service. Anyone who does not live locally can get access to our first class service by mailing us his or her phone. We diagnose and fix most faults on the same day that we receive the phone. When repaired we use the first class, insured mail to send your iPhone back to your home.

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